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Issue 974



by Kathy Wolfe

The average cost of a state college is about $21,600 a year for tuition and board, while a private school averages about $35,000. There are more than 150 colleges and universities in the United States that charge more than $50,000 a year. It’s no wonder there is about $1.2 trillion of student loan debt in the country, an average of about $37,000 per student. This week, Tidbits visits a few institutions to check out the price of higher education.

• The oldest liberal arts college in America can be found in Oberlin, Ohio. Founded by two Presbyterian ministers, who also founded the town, Oberlin College opened in 1833. They named the institution after a minister whom they both admired. Oberlin was the first college to admit African-American students, men in 1835 and women in 1837. Annual tuition is about $71,500.

• Established in Baltimore, Maryland in 1876, Johns Hopkins University came about through the gift of an American Quaker entrepreneur, abolitionist, and philanthropist, who bequeathed $7 million (about $141.2 million in today’s money) to build a university and research hospital. Total tuition and room and board at this prestigious institution will set you back about $71,000 a year.

• In 1924, real estate mogul William Van Duzer Lawrence began efforts to found a junior college for women, focusing on arts and humanities. In 1928, Sarah Lawrence College, named for Williams’ wife, welcomed its first students to buildings built on part of Lawrence’s Yonkers, New York, estate on the banks of the Bronx River. The college has more than doubled its size since then, sitting on 44 wooded acres. Today, it is a co-educational college that uses the same approach to education as Oxford University, with a one-on-one student/faculty relationship. Students pursue degrees in writing, dance, theater, film, painting, economics, political science, philosophy, and a host of other areas. TV’s Barbara Walters graduated from there with a degree in English, and designer Vera Wang received a degree in art history. Full-time students can expect to pay about $72,500 per year to attend the school.

• The primary campus of New York University is in Greenwich Village, with more than 100 buildings in Manhattan and several in Brooklyn. Founded in 1831, before long it became one of the nation’s largest universities. In 1917, its enrollment was more than 9,300. Today, that figure is nearing 26,500. NYU receives more applications than any

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