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Issue 974



Chances are that you’ve never heard of Donald Gorsky, but in the world of fast food, he’s a legend!

• Sixty six-year-old Donald Gorsky is the Guinness World Record holder for the most Big Macs eaten. Back in May of 1972, Don purchased his first car and drove it to the local McDonald’s, where he consumed his first three Big Macs. He liked them so well, he went back twice that day, bringing the total to nine. Over the next month, he devoured 265 Big Macs, about 8.5 per day. On the 356th day, Don ate his 1,000th Big Mac. At the beginning of his burger-eating spree, he kept all of the Big Mac boxes in his car.

• In 1975, Donald met his future wife Mary. Where else? At McDonald’s! And no surprise, that’s where he proposed to her. Before the wedding, they agreed that she would accept his passion for Big Macs as long as he didn’t get fat. Mary doesn’t share his appetite for the burgers.

• On the day of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc’s death, Don was up to his 5,978th burger.

• Don’s 21,387th Big Mac was in his hand when he crossed the finish line of a marathon in San Diego in 2006. His 25,000th sandwich was commemorated in 2011 at his favorite McDonald’s in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The 29,000th came along in December, 2016, and on May 4, 2018, Don ate his 30,000th burger. He’s eaten a Big Mac in every state in the Union.

• Gorske has eaten one Burger King Whopper, on a day in 1984, an event that he says will never be repeated.

• Don’s birthday cakes consist of a Big Mac stuck with candles.

• Don has obsessive compulsive disorder and always carries a notebook in which he records when and where he eats his Big Macs, along with other details such as when McDonald’s began using shredded lettuce in 1999. He keeps every receipt in a box, and has an impressive display of the assorted designs used to package his Big Macs over the years. There is also a statue of Ronald McDonald in the Gorske’s yard.

• Has Don ever missed a day since 1972? Yes, eight times. The first was in 1982 when a snowstorm closed the restaurant. He chose to abstain on the day his mother died in 1988, in honor of the request she had made. He missed one Thanksgiving, lost a couple of days when he was traveling and couldn’t find a McDonald’s, and another few days when he had to work late. This prompted Don to keep an “emergency stash” in his freezer.

• With Big Macs comprising 90-95% of his total solid food intake, how is Don’s health? Considering his daily fat intake, Don is a tall, lanky 6 ft. 2 in, and weighs 195 lbs. He claims he has no health issues. As a guest on the “Ellen” show in 2003, she requested that his cholesterol be checked on the show. His result of 140 mg/dl was well below the average of 208 mg/dl. Eight years later, a medical checkup resulted in a figure of 156. His past three checks have returned readings of 160, 150, and 165.

• Gorske says he’ll eat the burgers until he dies. In his words, “If I live as long as my dad, I’ll pass 40,000.” Yet there’s one stipulation he jokes about – “if my wife has to put them in a blender, then it’s over.