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Issue 974

You’re Something Special

We Lived Through It – I Don’t Know How

By Dr. Ronald D. S. Ross

A couple of weeks ago I jumped out of an airplane. When I told a friend of mine about my adventure she said, “That’s dangerous! You could have gotten yourself killed.” I got to thinking there were a variety of things I did over my 73 years that could have gotten me killed or at least, injured my tender ego, and most of them happened in my youth!

When I was a kid…

• My brother and I rode our bikes all over town and neither of us wore helmets.

• All the kids in our neighborhood drank water from the hose and not from a plastic bottle.

• On Saturdays we left the house early in the morning and were gone all day. The only rule was that we had to be back home by the time the streetlights were on. Nobody worried about perverts or child stealers and none of us carried a cell phone.

• As we played we suffered broken bones, chipped teeth, and black eyes, but none of us ever thought about filing a lawsuit. We called them accidents.

• We played little league baseball and didn’t have to sign waivers exempting anyone from anything. And we kept score to see who won and who lost. I was on a little league team that won only one game the whole season. No one apologized for us, no one fixed things so our tender egos wouldn’t be damaged, and we got no trophies. We learned to suffer losses if we wanted to play the game.

• We willingly passed around our bottle of pop to share with our buddies and none of us died from it.

• We never worried about talking to strangers partly because we didn’t know any strangers and secondly, we had real friends we could talk to… out on the front porch or in the back yard until our moms called us in to take our baths and go to bed.

• When we got bored we made up games using sticks and trees and bushes and tin foil balls. And the rules were fair and whether we won or lost we were still friends.

• Dad didn’t have a pickup truck, but we rode in the back of one any time we could.

• Home work came the closest to killing me mostly because I seldom did it. It caused me to worry about passing from one grade to the next. I knew a boy who flunked a grade and did not want to be like him.

• Good grades were hard for me to come by, but no teacher ever gave me a break for not scoring well on a test. I either knew the material and had the right answers or I got an “F” for “FAIL.”

• I got in trouble often at school buy my parents always believed what the teachers told them. I didn’t die from this, but I did learn that my actions had consequences.

• On Sunday my brother and I went to Sunday School and Church whether we wanted to or not, and sat still and listened and even that didn’t kill us.

We lived through it all – I don’t know how. That’s the way it was back then.

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