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Issue 974

You’re Something Special

Whether They Like Us or Not!

By Dr. Ronald D. S. Ross

Aren’t you just a little miffed at every nation in the world complaining about the USA being the source of all their problems? Me too. Perhaps our government should put into place what I call the “International Non-Interference Policy of the United States of America,” or INIPUSA. Here is what I propose:

1. That we no longer interfere with thankless countries such as Germany, France, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti. Let them overthrow their tyrant or fight off their invaders. Who cares if Germans occupy Paris or women have no rights, or specific ethnic groups are massacred? It’s not our problem.

2. Let us no longer interfere with foreign countries by educating their students. Why do they send all their kids here anyway? I thought they didn’t like us. All we do is pollute their minds with damning drivel about capitalism, consumerism, and corruption. If their customs are so superior to ours, let them enjoy the benefits of their own cultural purity and stay home.

3. Let us no longer interfere with nations that suffer natural disasters. Let them get their own food or re-build their own cities. We have enough problems right here with athletes kneeling during the national anthem, global warming (or is it cooling), and who Donald Trump will fire this week.

The only problem with this proposal is that it won’t work. Americans love freedom, and we believe that others should have the opportunity to experience it as well.

We cared when Hitler and his storm troopers massacred tens-of-thousands of his neighbors and set out to annihilate the Jewish race. We thought it worthwhile to expend millions of dollars and hundreds of lives to liberate 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Because we love freedom our borders are open to students from nearly every tribe and nation who want a quality education. We think knowledge is one of the keys to civilizing and freeing the whole world. That’s why we spend millions (probably billions) of dollars every year to educate foreign students.

And when countries suffer natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, famines, etc., it seems like offering help is the right thing to do whether they like us or not. So we send shiploads of food, planeloads of disaster workers, and spend billions of dollars helping people who can’t help themselves.

That’s why INIPUSA won’t work, but WHBITRTTD will likely continue to be the policy of God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans. What does WHBITRTTD stand for?

“We Help Because It’s The Right Thing To Do!”

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